On my needles…

… right now. It’s a jumper for Skipper and, as you can see, her colour choices are fairly similar to mine 🙂


I’ve also completely broken one of my own knitting rules. That is, I have two projects on the go simultaeneously. I used to be Very Good and finish one project before starting another. And then I started going to a knitting group. It sounds like a lot of special pleading but the plain and simple truth is that it’s practically impossible to knit anything complex whilst also chatting and supping coffee. At least, it is for me.


These, once they’re finished, will be Legwarmers for yours truly. It looks like a fairly crappy kind of yellow in the pic, but it’s actually a little more sunshine-y than that.

And no, I don’t care if legwarmers are a bit of an 80s throwback. Fashion comes around and around, dontcha know?

Author: Scrapunzel

My name is Scrapunzel. I make truly one-of-a-kind homewares and art work from recycled and shiny new fabrics and my restless imagination. You can find them in my shop @ www.scrapunzel.co.uk